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With this little tool you can quickly and easily find and remove duplicate files. Not all PC users think that essentially copies of files clog your hard drive. Often, inexperienced users are afraid to use special software to remove duplicates for fear that the program will automatically delete important files. This program does not do anything without your permission. At the first stage it finds duplicate files on a given drive or in the specified folder and generates a report with a list of duplicates. In the second step, the user notes in the list of duplicate those to be removed and give the program a command to perform removing duplicates. The utility can search for duplicate files of any type, and only the specified type: duplicate images, duplicate video files, duplicate music, duplicate Adobe Acrobat files and duplicate files Office. You can search duplicate files on a given mask. Moreover, with the help of this utility you can find both exactly the same, and similar images. Find duplicate music can be made according to the type of music tags, for example, to search for duplicate music with the same contractor or by the same name. An important advantage of this program is the simplicity of the interface and high speed duplicate file finder.

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